Aqua Fusion Line

Sienna steam appliance products story Jan. 2014

Sienna Brand steam appliance products have been created to improve the lifestyle of consumers by providing a healthier home and more Eco-Friendly Environment. Our more than twenty years of steam appliance design and manufacturing in the floor care, all purpose, and garment care category has provided us a greater insight than any other supplier in the industry. Sienna products are designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use. Our look is clean, simple, high quality, built to last and maintenance free. At Sienna we are constantly researching and developing new product concepts. Our go to market strategy brings the newest cutting edge features and product designs at popular retail prices. Sienna offers a full range of household appliances that steam, press, refresh, sanitize, clean, and deodorize just about everything in the home and office from floors to clothing to furniture to the kitchen sink!

Visio Window Cleaner

Sienna Steam Window Cleaner Jan. 2014

The Sienna Visio Window Steam Cleaner unit is a lightweight, easy to use Handheld (electric) Steam Cleaner designed to clean virtually every window and glass surface around the home.
The unit features a 23’ cord for excellent range and mobility. There is a 9.5 oz water tank that allows for many minutes of steam cleaning. There is no need to cool down the unit before you refill the tank providing endless cleaning time. The unit heats up in less than 30 seconds 
A locking trigger controls the steam output so you use only the steam needed for the job. The Variable Steam Flow Control adjusts the steam intensity to the level you need to clean most surfaces. Sienna’s New Visio Window Steam Cleaner powers through dirt and grime on all your household glass, window and other surfaces making them sparkling clean in no time.

Luna Pet

Luna Pet press doc Jan. 2014

The LUNA PET is a floor cleaner that combines Micro Pulse Vibration Technology, 3 levels of adjustable steam control with illumination from a powerful LED light source and allows you to deep clean with more confidence. The LED light feature on the cleaning head illuminates your cleaning path, and helps find hidden soiled areas behind and under furniture that your pet or children may have left. The uniquely designed, extremely low profile swivel steam cleaning head has sloping sides for easy access into tight challenging areas, it provides excellent access around bathroom fixtures, under furniture and cabinet overhangs. The revolutionary Micro Pulse Technology breaks up tough dirt and grime in heavily soiled areas, vibrates at over 90 vibrations per second, provides a scrubbing effect and assists the mop across the floor surface reducing cleaning time and effort.

Aqua Fusion Line

Aqua Fusion press doc Jan 2014

The Sienna Aqua Fusion Steam Mop is available in 4 Vibrant Colors for spring 2014, including Dazzling Blue, Caribbean Sea, Lime Green, and Fusion Coral. This unit puts you in total control of your cleaning with its essential features including trigger driven Steam Control to clean most sealed floor surfaces including wood, vinyl and tile. The Aqua Fusion produces 1500 watts of steam power that heats water up to 212F in seconds. The New Ultra Low Profile triangular swivel cleaning head is designed to access tight spaces, clean, and sanitize a variety of floor surfaces easily. The heavy duty micro fiber pads go on and off easily and absorb large quantities of dirt and grime. Aqua Fusion easily switches from steaming hard floors to freshening and sanitizing carpets using the included carpet glider accessory.

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